How clean is your data?

Poor data hygiene can cost your business more than 25% of its marketing budget each year. Duplicate records, inaccurate information, or out-of-date addresses are common causes of this budget loss. By using the Geon Media data cleansing analysis, your business can put an end to the cycle of wasting marketing dollars. We will complete a complimentary analysis of your data’s unique issues. We will also advise on necessary upgrades. see below.

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is the foundation of data-driven marketing. It’s the process of utilizing data analysis in the form of demographic, socioeconomic, psychographic and firmographic information to compile a set of characteristics that match a specific customer behavior set. By taking your current customer list and matching it with our national consumer and business databases, Geon Media can find that ideal customer.

Data Appending

Data appending refers to the process by which new information is added to an existing record within a database. Within your customer database, some records may be missing information. Geon Media takes your data, compares it with its proprietary database of existing, up-to-date records, and appends the data you are missing.

Data Modeling

Data modeling is a data-driven method for acquiring new leads. At Geon Media, we begin the process by analyzing the unique characteristics of each individual in your current customer database. We then use those characteristics to identify the above-average commonalities among the entirety of your database. After the analysis, we use that data to create a new list of leads that “model” the characteristics of your original customer database. This new list can then be used to add data intelligence to future direct marketing campaigns.