List Brokerage

What makes Geon Media different?


It happens every day. A business decides to put together a direct mail campaign. They spend hours strategizing about their offer and analyzing demographics, hire expensive creative people, pay attention to every detail – all the way down to the hue of paper. Then after all of that investment – both of time and money – they tell someone, simply, “Go get some names.”

Their campaign fails.
And it was expensive.
And it will be a long time before they make the mistake of investing in direct mail gain.

Reprioritize the Process

The piece that most companies put off until the very end process should actually come at the beginning. There is no single piece of the direct mail process that more affects the success or failure of a campaign, as does list choice.

It is proven every day.

How else could you explain the same mail piece, mailed at the same time by the same company performing ten times better to one group of people than it does another?

But That’s Why I Use A List Broker

You’d think. But most list brokers don’t put much more thought into the process than you.

It’s unfortunate, but true.

Imagine going to a real estate agent to assist you in buying your first home. The real estate agent tells you that in the entire city, there are only four houses that fall in your price range. When you ask about a specific house you have seen, the agent replies, “Oh, that is represented by another broker. I don’t get paid as much commission if I sell you that one.”

You’d find a new real estate agent.

List Brokers All Get Their Lists From The Same Places

It’s true. Much like the real estate industry’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the list business has a database that lists nearly every list on the market. A list broker must be able to two things on your behalf: they must be knowledgeable in the art of matching the right lists with the right offer, and they must be willing to invest the time to do the research necessary to find the right list.

Most do neither; a small handful more does one or the other; and a select few do both.

With Geon Media Your Experience Will Be Different

Geon Media is a full service Direct Marketing Company. The company’s uniqueness comes from the fact that every Geon representative making decisions on your mail campaign has been in your position before. Prior to starting Geon Media Group, the company’s founders owned business that each year invested millions (in some cases, tens of millions) of dollars in direct mail. It was from this foundation that Geon’s foundation was set.

Direct mail is expensive, and it is a complicated process. It is driven by a seemingly endless amount of moving parts, and can only be managed with great care – the care of an owner. Such care can be the difference between the success or failure of your mail investment. We approach every aspect of your business with the same care we use in our business.

It’s simply about perspective!