About Us

red_envelopeThere is no way to understand the feeling a small business owner has in the time between signing the check for a direct mail campaign and waiting for the first mail from the campaign to hit – no way, that is, outside of experiencing it yourself.

Because of this it is not uncommon for business owners to become frustrated with their direct mail vendors. The perspectives are just different – to the vendor, the business owner is one of many. When a campaign fails, even the most empathetic list vendor can’t relate – all the empathy in the world can’t match the signature you put on the check.

And that is exactly what makes Geon Media Group different. It is a full service Direct Marketing company, but there are many of those. Our uniqueness comes from the fact that every Geon representative making decisions on your mail campaign has been in your position before. Prior to starting Geon Media Group, the company’s founders owned business that each year invested millions (in some cases, tens of millions) of dollars in direct mail.

It was from this perspective that Geon’s foundation has been set. Direct mail is expensive, and it is a complicated process. It is driven by a seeming endless amount of moving parts, and can only be successfully managed with great care – the care of an owner. Such care can be the difference between success and failure of your mail investment. We approach every aspect of your business with the same care we use in our business. We wouldn’t do it any other way.

It is simply about perspective.